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Simply put, we are a firm of dedicated professionals whose goal is to create wealth for our franchise development clients and the buyers of their respective franchise offerings. We know that our role is a vital one and that significant capital is at risk from the participants that work with us and our clients, so we stop at nothing less than perfection in everything we do. Further, because we own and operate franchises too, we know the difference that quality development can make to the future success of a new or seasoned franchise system.

What we do

The Franchise Alpha is a full-service franchise development, consulting, marketing and technology firm. We do much more than just help business owners legally register to sell franchises. We provide expert marketing and technology solutions for existing franchisors and franchisees. Our staff of strategists, designers, copywriters, engineers and support specialists know how to help you achieve your goals to sell more units, increase your franchisees’ business, strengthen your brand image and keep your costs under control.

How we do it

The Franchise Alpha offers one-stop shopping for all your marketing and technology needs. Let our creative services department revitalize your brand with impactful and effective marketing collateral, advertising, direct mail pieces, POS materials, tradeshow booths, and much more. If you are looking for an innovative online strategy, our top-notch web designers and software engineers will build you a world-class, search engine optimized website that will leave your competitors green with envy.

A list of World Franchise Council Authorized Franchise Associations World Wide Is Given Below:

  1. Argentina: Argentine Association of Franchising:
  2. Australia  : Franchise Council of Australia    :
  3. Austria: Austrian Franchise Association:
  4. Belgium: Belgian Franchise Association:
  5. Belgium: European Franchise Federation:
  6. Brazil: Brazilian Franchise Association – ABF:
  7. Canada: Canadian Franchise Association:
  8. China: China Chain Store & Franchise Association:
  9. Czech Republic: Czech Franchise Association: NotAvailable
  10. Denmark: Danish Franchise Association:
  11. Ecuador: Ecuadorian Franchisor Association: NotAvailable
  12. Egypt: Egyptian Franchise Development Association:
  13. Finland: Finnish Franchising Association:
  14. France: Fédération française de la franchise:
  15. Germany: German Franchise Association:
  16. Greece: The Franchise Association of Greece:
  17. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Franchise Association:
  18. Hungary: Hungarian Franchise Association:
  19. India: Franchising Association of India:
  20. Italy: Italian Franchise Association:
  21. Japan: Japan Franchise Association:
  22. Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan Franchise Association: NotAvailable
  23. Lebanon: Lebanese Franchise Association:
  24. Malaysia: Malaysian Franchise Association:
  25. Mexico: Mexican Franchise Association:
  26. Netherlands: Netherlands Franchise Association:
  27. Philippines: Philippine Franchise Association:
  28. Portugal: Portuguese Association of Franchising:
  29. Russian Federation: Russian Franchise Association:
  30. Singapore: Franchising And Licensing Association, Singapore:
  31. Slovenia: Slovenian Franchise Association:
  32. South Africa: Franchise Association of South Africa:
  33. Sweden: Swedish Association of Franchising:
  34. Switzerland: Swiss Association of Franchising:
  35. Taiwan, Province Of China: Taiwan Chain Store and Franchise Association:
  36. Turkey: Turkish Franchise Association-UFRAD:
  37. United Kingdom: British Franchise Association:
  38. United States: International Franchise Association:



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