‘To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep.’

So the question now is— are you making money while you’re asleep? If not, let’s change that.

Spoiler: You’re going to have to work a bit hard.

Franchise Alpha is a leading name on the franchising scene of India, helping smart minds turn their ideas into reality and ventures into empires. We offer a range of services, helping people start, build and buy franchises. And bring you the opportunity to become our partner.

We’re not trying to exaggerate but YES, an opportunity to become an official Franchise Alpha Business Associate.

This will enable you to work with some of the biggest brands in the world and enjoy high revenue with relatively small investment.

Who Can Become A Business Associate?

Those who are looking to…

  • Work in the franchise ecosystem and make the most of this fast emerging industry. (Did you know that Indian Franchise Industry will be valued more than $51 billion by 2020?)
  • Put their entrepreneurial prowess to take this fairly new business model to new heights.
  • Create a different space of opportunities for other businesses in an otherwise conventional market.
  • Work along with the best and most qualified professionals in the industry with who success is guaranteed.


Just to make sure Franchise Alpha remains the best in the scene, we only work with the best. It isn’t too much; here are few of the requirements you must fill:

  • College graduate with good academic record (Backbenchers welcome!)
  • Marketing enthusiast (it’s okay if you don’t call yourself a ‘marketing guru’)
  • Basic knowledge of computer and internet
  • Investment of Rupee 1.5 lakhs
  • Good knowledge about his/her district, city and other places around
  • 3-4 hours time to work every day

And, of course, here comes the clichés…

  • Exceptional communication and organizational skills
  • Be self-learner and self-motivated
  • Creative thinker and problem-solver

Role of Business Associate

If ‘be your own boss’ seems too vague, here’s the role you’re going to be playing as our associate:

  • Lead and execute overall strategies, corporate development and venture growth.
  • Manage influential and sustainable relationships with brands and investors.
  • Start and steer key business initiatives across the company.
  • Architect necessary actions to slay problems with the most efficient solutions.


After working so hard, wearing multiple hats and doing so much—the rewards are just as high. Here are few, of many, advantages of becoming a Franchise Alpha associate:

  • Multiple income streams
  • Low cost-high return investment
  • Part-time work, full-time income
  • Long term scope
  • Highly flexible work role and schedule
  • Home-based business model
  • No recession prone industry (so no worries about the economy downturn)

Ready now?

Take a step today and see your future change. Leverage the opportunity to become a Franchise Alpha Business Associate and climb to the top of success ladder, quickly and easily.