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Growing-brand1 Growing Wonders - Montessori House Of Children
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Growing Wonders
About UsGrowing Wonders was started with intent to bring in International approach towards Early Childhood Education. The exposure to Montessori Approach when the Founders (Sujay and Padmashree) were in Australia pursuing his MBA in Melbourne was the trigger point. Both of them had an opportunity to visit pre-primary schools and were enamoured with the environment, the freedom to children and the learning spaces that fostered spontaneous love to learn. On their return to India, they initially decided to put their child in a Montessori House which met the standards to which they were exposed. This challenge only resulted in creating a space that followed the principles of Montessori to its very essence, GROWING WONDERS was the solution.
Company Founded
Franchising Since
• 2018
Units (Current Locations)
• 3
Units ( Available Locations)
• Pan India
Minimum Investment
• INR 15 to 20 lakhs
Franchise Fee
• 5 Lakhs
Royalty Fee
• 10%
Area (Sq.Ft.)
• 2500
Return On Investment (Expected)
• 50%
Payback Period(Expected)• 24 to 36 months
Financing Assistance
• Yes
Number of Employees (Required)
• 4
Training Support
• Yes
Marketing Support• Yes
Training Locations• Onsite
Training Days• 10 days
Agreement Term• 5 years
Exclusivity Option• Yes
Renewal Term• Yes
Staff Recruitment Support• Yes
Operations Manual Support• Yes
Marketing Material Support• Yes
Site Selection Support• Yes
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