The size of Indian retail market is near USD 600 billion, which is expected to cross the USD 1080 billion mark by 2020. The massive growth is an evident sign of what is to come for all those in retailing and franchising industry. Clearing the uncertainties that existed back in the days, the latest trends magnify the potential of the market to yield big, if only when the plans and strategies are executed well under the scanner of industry experts.  

So were you always dreaming to create a retail business that touches sky and turns up to become ‘the next big thing’, now is the perfect time to fuel your dreams with definite steps. We, here at Franchise Alpha, assure to make those steps calculative, backed by data-driven strategies.

However big or small your ideas are – if you already have an establishment or preparing to start one from scratch – take hands of Franchise Alpha and enjoy a smoother and easier path ahead.

Know more about our wholesome services.

Buying and Merchandising

Just because the market shift supports it, things aren’t easy. The process to succeed in the retail industry is simple—it isn’t easier. Crafting a fool-proof retail merchandising strategy that fits exact in your goals requires special set of skills and understanding. We bring that on the table.

Our solutions cover you on various fronts, right from helping you consistently secure the right products at the right time and place with minimum efforts to train your teams (via workshops or personal consultants) for improved sales and profits. Our team of professionals and industry-experts, who collectively touts the experience of over 100 years, relies on the pool of data and advanced approach that ensures to seamlessly maximize your returns.

What Will You Get

  • Market analysis and competitive analysis
  • Customer-centric and data-driven strategies
  • Buying-marketing integration
  • Open-to-buy expertise and inventory management
  • Profit optimizing strategies and disciplines
  • Range-building and merchandising using customer decision trees
  • Negotiation training
  • 24/7 support

We’re always up for any challenge with our custom services. To get to the top of the ladder, give Franchise Alpha a call today.

Strategy and Planning

Things get much more straightforward when you know where you want to go and how you’re going to reach there. Starting is just a small part of your journey. Growing and sustaining is where the headache comes—and they are the most important parts. Having well defined, clear and detailed strategies and plans are must.

At Franchise Alpha, we ensure you ace this part. Our team, specializing in concepting ideas and making strategies, helps you look beyond the day-to-day activities to the bigger picture. Factoring everything A-Z, we make achievable 3-5 years plans that promise to outperform your expectations and take you to new heights.

What Will You Get

  • Practical set of actions and milestones
  • Decision-making tools and ‘golden rules
  • A coordinated environment to redefine your goals
  • A clear objective to implement and attain the goals
  • Complete overview of the retail market and competition

SME Support

Just when you think everything looks clearer in your future, uncertainty strikes. Your retail business is struggling with failing marketing attempts, poor sales and poorer brand recognition. At times like these, having experts by your side is always a great idea.

Over the course, Franchise Alpha has written countless success stories for Small and Medium-sized retailers from across the world. Pillaring their ideas and supporting their concepts, we have helped their brands spread the wings and span across all areas of their business. Our one-of-a-kind custom ‘Retail Diagnostic Review’ blends in rapid analysis and assessment of clients’ business to offer inclusive solutions and results. Assuring to make your challenges ours and deliver you maximum outcome, our custom reviews cover your needs and requirements from every angle.

What Will You Get

  • Retail strategy analysis
  • Customer and Competitive analysis
  • Data-driven growth plans
  • Revaluation of the buying and selling process
  • Assessment of store’s look and feel

So, if you want to take your establishment to the next level, contact the best SME experts today. Contact Franchise Alpha.  

Store Formats

As exciting as the process is, store formats can be quite confusing with big rooms to commit mistake. Get one thing wrong and you’re risking the success of your business. The big stake and high risk calls in the need for experts.

Franchise Alpha has worked with some of largest retailers in India. Being a part of some of high-profile projects, we assure to not just offer you on your needs but also outdo your expectations. We work to improve store portfolio, optimize the use of space, create a supportive retail environment and improve Point of Sale (POS) strategies.

What Will You Get

  • Retail concept development
  • Space analysis and optimization
  • Format development and design
  • Brand development and POS strategies
  • Round the clock support
  • Personalized experience

We make use of state-of-art macro, midi and micro space tools, along with CAD and 3D, to bring optimal efficiency in our services. Expect no less than grand outcome and 100 percent satisfaction.

So if you’re looking to add a refine feel to your store and sell big, take hands of Franchise Alpha. Today.

Management Development

A big problem is when your management isn’t working to its best ability. A bigger one is when you think it is. Managing (and improving—but without pushing) the performance of your team regularly is an important task-at-hand.

At Franchise Alpha, we develop advanced management development programs to engage, stimulate and challenge the participants that combine to assure maximum retail growth. The workshops are uniquely and creatively designed with a personalized flavor, focusing on addressing management’s individual needs and requirements adequately.

What Will You Get

Our custom basic and advanced level workshops typically cover:

  • Team and performance management
  • Negotiation skills
  • Communications and time management
  • Building a customer advocacy program
  • Situational leadership and its use

So regardless your needs, we’re a genie you can trust. Let’s discuss your management development requirement, shall we? Dial Franchise Alpha today.

In-store Marketing

Don’t let other forms of marketing overtake the relevance of in-store marketing. As important as it is for all, very few retail store owners pay heed to it. Sparing less money, majority of them don’t even care. Needless to say, it’s a big mistake they pay for.

Franchise Alpha is known to capitalize on every little detail. The team here strives to bank on every opportunity, turning it into an asset to fuel growth for higher sales. We believe your brand is best supported by what happens in-store. Together with your employees, we work to evaluate and improve your in-store messages with reduced cost of implementations.

What Will You Get

  • Better brand presentation
  • A comprehensive in-store marketing strategy
  • Set of actions for better in-store branding
  • Seamless integration with other marketing channels
  • 24/7 support with custom solutions

Productivity Modeling

Ever felt even after doing everything possible, you’re not as productive as you should be? It’s quite common in the retail scene—and it’s likely the same with you. It’s one of the biggest obstacles on the way that stops growth and sales.

The qualified and experienced team at Franchise Alpha is a well-renowned productivity modeler in the Indian retail sector. Having worked with so many clients of diverse niches, we assure to add fluidity to your retail business efficiently that not only saves money but also delivers better end result. We pick up unique models that blend in well with the overall framework of the management and your goals to subsequently improve your sales.

What Will You Get

  • Time and motion measurements
  • Fixed and variable productivity modeling
  • Scheduling tools
  • Committed task schedules
  • Custom solutions

So do away the obstructions capping your performance efficiency. Talk to Franchise Alpha to get your retail business be more productivity.

Central Operations

Inconsistent execution is one of the biggest enemies of retail business. Hindering the accepted mechanisms of good strategies, it takes away the optimal value from the returns. So if you aren’t already paying heed to the operational end of your retail business, do it right now—do it with us by your side.

Franchise Alpha has helped hundreds of world’s prestigious brands with advanced central operation solutions. In multiple steps, we improve the retail execution on various ends – from marketing to selling – for higher sales. We make use tech-driven practices to be dot efficient on our offerings.

What Will You Get

  • Comprehensive review of existing store operations
  • Custom process that supplements business growth
  • Rolling activity plan to determine the pace and nature of operational change
  • Critical path process to deliver all stakeholders optimum value
  • Definite measurement and feedback mechanism

So fix the loopholes in your operations. Make things even more efficient. Get in touch with Franchise Alpha right away.

Team Building

Growth comes natural (and quick) when the team is good and working in correlation to attain the bigger picture. Sadly, most of the retail businesses go careless when building, expanding and managing their teams. This spurts into poor execution and lower efficiency.

The extensive custom courses at Franchise Alpha aim to grip the team into one knot. Whether building a team from scratch, rebuilding the old one, or have an in-development team, with creative ideas and unique strategies, we make sure the bunch bonds well, know each others’ strengths and weaknesses, and stay prepared to take on the new challenges adequately.

What Will You Get

  • Out-of-the-office experience to the team
  • MBTI evaluation and team profiling
  • Bonding activities
  • Communication management
  • High adrenaline opportunities

The team building solution is highly interactive—ideal for any retail business, located anywhere in the world. So get your team in the right line and see your retail business go heights. Contact Franchise Alpha.


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