consulting we help your business turn a profit

It really comes down to finding a consultant that will not only tell you what to do but help you do it as well: you need someone on your team that will help execute your plan into action saving you money, time and aggravation. This is how we act in our consulting practice.

  • We practice on site coaching: show and teach you how to do the things right while we share your vision, mission, values and passion as a flesh and blood part of your team.

  • Whether it is a startup business or small / medium-size company both types need a good business strategy to follow: we provide support creating your business plan and practically turn it into actions.

  • Startup marketing research and market / industry research plus the analyses: we help in researching and writing your marketing plan and ideas that will help to promote your business, we know what have worked and what you’d better to avoid.


Retailing in India

Retailing business in India is estimated worth 200 billion USD of which organized retailing (i.e. modern trade) makes up 3% i.e. 6.4 billion USD.Organized retailing is expected to grow between 25 to 30 percent per annum and projected to attain 23 billion by 2010 — best opportunity for business and export houses to setup their own retailing and franchising business.

It’s something they’d rather keep under wraps, but our team of retail experts has over 100 years’ experience between them – working with global brands, mid-sizers and incy-wincy start-ups.

So, however big or small you are, wherever you’re based and whatever your specific challenges, we can help.


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